Novation Lab Google Career Certification Scholarship Program

Novation Lab Google Career Certification
Scholarship Program

Novation Lab is a Program of The Good Rural 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

Since 2018, has provided more than $60 million in funding for nonprofit organizations to provide digital skills and wraparound support to learners from underserved communities to complete the Google Career Certificates.

Learn essential skills & elevate your career

Jump-start your career with a Google Career Certificate scholarship. Prepare for entry-level positions in data analytics, digital marketing & ecommerce, project management, UX design, or IT support—no college degree or relevant experience required.

Google Project Management

Get professional training designed by Google and get on the fastrack to a competitively paid job. There are 479,000 U.S. job openings in project management with a $73,000 median entry-level salary.¹

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce

Businesses need digital marketing and e-commerce talent more than ever before; 86% of business leaders report that digital commerce will be the most important route to growth.

Google IT Support

Get professional training designed by Google and get on the fast-track to a competitively paid job. There are 400,000 U.S. job openings in IT and a $52,000 median entry-level salary in IT support.¹

Google UX Design

With professional training designed by Google, get on the fast-track to a competitively paid job. There are currently 99,000 U.S. job openings in UX design with a median entry-level salary of $92,000.¹

Google Data Analytics

Get professional training designed by Google and have the opportunity to connect with top employers. There are 380,000 U.S. job openings in data analytics with a $74,000 median entry-level salary.¹

Google IT Automation with Python

This beginner-level, six-course certificate, developed by Google, is designed to provide IT professionals with in-demand skills — including Python, Git, and IT automation — that can help you advance your career.

About The Grow With Google Career Certificate Program

Novation Lab, a project of The Good Rural, has partnered with #GrowWithGoogle to provide 500 scholarships to ambitious individuals in underserved communities within San Francisco and rural California who are ready to put in the work required to elevate themselves and potentially the lives of their families. 

With 1.5 million US job openings in google career certifications fields, which include:

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Digital Marketing & E-commerce
  3. IT Automation with python 
  4. IT support
  5. Project Management 
  6. and UX Design 

A Google Professional Certificate will help you unlock new career paths, prepare for entry-level roles in fast-growing fields, and position you to make a living wage within six months, with no experience or degree required.

The Platform

Google Professional Certification Courses are through the e-learning platform Coursera. 

The Application Process

We will review the applications weekly and notify all applicants of the status of their acceptance into the program via text message and email.

If accepted, you will receive an email with an invitation to the Coursera program to create your account and get started.  

Rules of The Program

  1. Your professional certification courses must be completed within six months and expire on 12/31/2023. 
  2. You have Seven days to create your account and start your 1st class. Otherwise, your scholarship will be revoked and given to the next person on the list. 
  3. Inactivity over ten days without written notice will revoke your scholarship.

Your commitment is essential to help us get the highest completion rate and continue a strong partnership with Grow With Google to empower more individuals like you. 

Support During the Program 

  1. Access To the Novation Lab (San Francisco, CA) to study- we also recommend your local library
  2. Partner Pairing with an Accountability Partner in the same Certificate Program
  3. Access to Coursera Support Team for Any Technical Support
  4. Biweekly Text Messages to boost engagement and support
  5. Monthly Email to Checkin
  6. Progress Reports to ensure you are staying on track with your course work. 

After You Complete The Program

  1. Access Google’s Employer Consortium via the Google & Coursera Job Platform
  2. Virtual Linkedin Profile Setup Support
  3. Access to Big Interview Training Course
  4. Engage with a Recruiter on Career Circle
  5. Invitation To Our Quarterly Headshot Day upon completion of your Certification (San Francisco, CA) 

Thank you for being interested, and we look forward to supporting you. 

Hello I'm Latifah Abdur

Program Director of Novation Lab - The Good Rural Google Scholarship Program

I’m excited to support you in completing your Professional Google Career Certification, which will help you position yourself for the right career and growth opportunities.

My virtual door is open to help you stay motivated, and I will check in with you often on how you are progressing.

I want this to be a space where you feel seen and heard, so if you have any questions or need extra support, feel free to email me at

I am looking forward to witnessing your growth.

Only applicants who can commit to completing the program within 6 months should apply.

Novation Lab Google Career Certification Scholarship Program
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Visit Us: 5813 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94112

Novation Lab offers the BIPOC business owners, entrepreneurs, and the community at large resources and support 

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