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Novation (N•Ovation) Lab
A community based
incubator program
«Computer Lab» Mon. - Fri. | 9am -5pm

Our Computer Lab allows community members a place to conduct research, submit job applications, send/check emails and complete online certifications. Each visitor is granted 1 hour of computer time. 

*Closed during hours of Binax Testing

«Printing, Copy, Shredding» Mon. - Fri. | 9am -5pm

Our full service print, copy and shredding services are readily available to community members. Each visitor is allowed to print up to 50 pages per month. 

*Closed during hours of Binax Testing

«Binax Testing» Tue. & Thursday | 8am -12pm

Binax Testing also know as the rapid COVID-19 test is provided for FREE to all community members. If visiting for an additional service we ask that you show up to that appointment 15 minutes early. 

«Job Readiness Program» Mon. In Person 10am -1pm
Tue. - Fri. Virtually

Over the course of 4 weeks, participants will learn vital skills and techniques to aid them in their search for a job. The skills covered in the course include resume and cover letter writing, interview training, proper dress code and etiquette, selecting references, and how to obtain certifications necessary for applications. 

«GED Tutoring Program» Mon.. & Tue. | 1pm - 4pm

Teachers evaluate participant’s ability and provide instruction to strengthen knowledge and reasoning abilities to prepare for the GED subject matter, including social studies, science, math and language arts reasoning. Tutoring sessions are offered in 45 minute increments and require pre-registration.

«Master Classes & Workshops»

Master Classes & Workshops gives our community & members an opportunity to learn from a variety of expert facilitators. Every event is created by the facilitator and includes resources,  tools and  assignments geared to help our community & members thrive. Some workshops may take place outside our standard operational hours.

A Concept of The good rural

About The Novation Lab

The Novation Lab, a concept of the Good Rural, is a community navigator hub that provides Business Operation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation support to the community.  

  • Funded by the Mayor London Breed – Dreamkeeper Initiative/Office of Economic, Workforce Development/City & County of San Francisco
  • Curated by the African American Early Childhood Educators
  • Partners: DCYF, Children’s Council

The space supplies the community with a meeting space, computer lab, printing and shredding services, City Resource Hub, GED Tutoring and Testing site, Children’s Council Family Child Care Fundamental Series, and Binax testing.

“If I had someone to help me earlier, I could have gone so much further. Those that helped me really took me under their wing and I was able to go as far as I could.”  Hazel O. Johnson

What Our Community Members Say

Like minds and interest can interact and resources with mentoring available for all levels of educators. A place to help elevate each other and to encourage growth.
Renee Underwood
There is a great need for families in our community to have a place to go for educational purposes information.
Margie Stokes
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Visit Us: 5813 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94112

Novation Lab offers the BIPOC business owners, entrepreneurs, and the community at large resources and support 

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