Workshop Facilitator FAQs

Workshop Facilitator FAQs

Thank you for interest in working with the Novation Lab as a Workshop Facilitator. Here is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions. We ask that you read through this before our intake call to ensure clarity and efficient in the planning process. 

Is there a review process for any of the materials I develop?

Yes, we mainly want to review your topics and description so that we can start building marketing collateral to promote the workshop(s)


Will there be a technical producer for Virtual Workshops?

Yes, we will provide a technical producer to ensure the Virtual Workshop runs smoothly. You will be responsible for providing your own virtual workshop material. 

Do you have a Graphic Designer to Style the Presentation?

Yes, we provide a graphic Designer to Revamp a presentation that aligns with our standards. The graphic designer will not be responsible for any copy or images, they will just make edits to ensure a clean look. The workshop host is required to send their Presentation Outline 2 weeks prior to the workshop. 


Is it required to provide takeaway resources for a workshop?

Yes, because there will be a lot of information in the workshop we ask that each of our hosts provide a one page recap and link to resources as a PDF. We will provide the template. 


Will I have access to the email list? 

No, because there is a compensation given to our workshop host. We will not release participants’ emails. We however encourage workshop hosts that have an email list to promote at the end of the presentation if they feel like the participants align with the customers they serve.


Who is responsible for taking attendance?

We will assign one of our team members the responsibility of taking attendance and checking all participants whether in person or virtually. 

Who owns the material produced for the Workshop?

The Presentation material is the intellectual property of the Workshop Host. We will never resale any material as our own.

Is there a minimum number of people needed in order for a workshop to run? Yes, we require a minimum of 20 registered participants to run a workshop. If registration numbers are looking low in the week prior to the event, we ask that you do some additional outreach. It can be helpful to repost the event on your social media, as this can serve as a reminder that pre-registration is required.

If a class fills, is there a waiting list? Yes. When a class fills, our registration program directs people to a “join the waitlist” form. If/when a space becomes available, we notify people on a first-come, first-served basis.

Are there ever any no-shows? We send a reminder email to all registered participants twice: one week before and 2 days before the workshop which helps prevent the day of workshop no-shows. However, things like illness and schedule changes result in a handful of last minute no-shows. In the event of Virtual events we will provide a recording to those who didn’t attend

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